The HIPOLIN IP program is managed by the TEI of Crete. TEI of Crete has a long experience in managing educational and research European Projects such as SOCRATES, ERASMUS, COMETT/LEONARDO, TEMPUS, LINGUA, MARIE – CURIE and HiPER. TEI of Crete has competent administrators and experienced staff together with modern support facilities suitable for the management of national and international research projects. Financial and organisational management are carried out under the supervision of Professor Michael Tatarakis.

The teaching programme of the HIPOLIN Erasmus IP and all the education aspects of the project is under the responsibility of the organisation committee.

All the financial and administration aspects of the project are under the responsibility of the Special Account for Research funds – ELKE, a body of TEI of Crete responsible for the financial administration and support of all research, education and developments funds of TEI of Crete.